High Rise Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing Services of Central Florida

About Us


The Sky's the Limit

Imagine a high-rise cleaning crew that doesn't skip windows, sleep on the roof or use equipment that no longer gets manufactured. We know that high rise guys have a reputation. We set out to do something different. We aim to be the most professional, reliable and honest window cleaning and pressure washing outfit in the business. We believe in safety and efficiency, so rather than hire guys with bad habits that barely speak English, we looked out to the horizon and decided that our team would be well-trained, communicative and career-oriented. We are proud of what we have accomplished and hope to show you what a professional high-rise cleaning crew can be.

The Company

Sky Bros. is a small exterior cleaning company that specializes in high access cleaning. Our founder has been cleaning windows in both the Florida humidity and the California sun since 2008. After selling his first specialty cleaning business in 2018 after nearly ten years he decided to start a company that focused on high-access projects and Sky Bros was born. He believes in creating a company culture that encourages professionalism and personal growth.

They are a different kind of company for sure. Easily the best crew we have had clean our windows. Their equipment is superb and they don't make excuses.

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We take safety very seriously. We value life and limb over clean glass and walls. This, unfortunately, sets us apart from our competition. Unbeknownst to many property managers and owners that have their windows cleaned or facade pressure washed these things go on every day at most properties. There are many unsafe activities that have become standard practice among today's high-rise window cleaning companies. Below we have listed a few of them.

We will not hang our ropes from any object that is not a dedicated anchor or structural beam/element capable of holding 5000 lbs. This includes AC framing, roof flashing, portable weights, etc.
Our equipment complies with all ANSI guidelines.
We do not have techs that hang from building alone.
We do not use ropes older than 3 years old.
We attach our tools to our person so that they cannot be dropped.
We use cones and caution/danger tape to ensure our descent is clear.