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Looking for an exterior cleaning company that rises to the occasion? You've come to the right place. SKY BROS is a leader in the high-rise facility maintenance industry.

About Us

The Sky is the Limit

Improving the skyline one window at a time.


Why Choose Sky Bros?

There are a number of companies in the area who offer exterior cleaning services. What makes Sky Bros Different? Our Team. Our team get results. We work quickly and quietly. What should you look for in a high rise window cleaning company? Consider these factors before trusting just anyone to clean your property.

Customer Service

We don't skip windows.
You probably won't notice if your window cleaner skips a couple windows in a hundred, but we will when we do our first clean. We make sure that every in your building gets their window cleaned. We do the whole job not just what people notice.
We use the latest equipment.
Our techs use proper cleaning tools reflective of today's industry. Pure water even!
We don't cut corners on safety.
High-rise window cleaning equipment is not stranger to tech progress. We use modern equipment that minimizes danger.
We are insured for your protection.
We are fully insured to protect people and property.
We are friendly.
We clean glass as a team and we enjoy our work. Smiles are included at no extra charge.
Pressure Washing Pros
Pressure Washing Pros
Pressure Washing Pros
Here for a quote? Get one now.
There are a number of window cleaning businesses that will say anything to get your business. They talk fast, mention chemicals you've never heard of and quote a pretty attractive price. They call themselves professionals and have a nice looking truck. But are they really? What makes a Window Washing Company PROFESSIONAL? If we had to sum it up in one word - RESULTS. How does a professional company get results? Consider these factors before trusting just anyone to clean your property.
Professional  Equipment
New Equipment
Attentive to Detail
"The skies the limit with these guys!"
John Dottiner


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Orlando & Tampa Metro Areas


Satisfaction Guaranteed

HERO Certified Professional Window Cleaning Company

5 Star Rating on HireHawk.com

Professional Window Cleaning Association

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get a quote for your services?
Give us a call and we will schedule an on-site estimate! As always our estimates are free of charge.
How long do projects take to complete?
Every project is completely different. Project duration will depend on the size, access and condition of the property.
What services do you offer?
We offer a complete exterior cleaning service for your high rise property. This includes window cleaning, pressure washing, sign cleaning and more. We also offer window caulking services.
Can you use our scaffolding equipment?
If your on-site staging is properly maintained and inspected we will typically be able to make use of it.
Are you licensed and insured?
Great Question! We carry liability and worker's compensation insurance. It is important to check any company's coverage status before having them perform work on your building. Not all cleaning companies are properly covered.
How do you ensure the safety of your team and surroundings?
We prepare and equip our workers with the tools they need to be safe. This includes hazard training, rds training, and regular safety training and monitoring. Our descent equipment is not older than 3 years old (per ANSI) and our techs are trained in rescue scenarios. We protect our clients and their visitors by identifying hazards and properly mitigating them with the use of danger tape, cones, signage and grounds men.

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